Company Information

Founded by a husband and wife team, H&R Process Serving was created to be a professional alternative to clients in the Metro Detroit area. Our servers don't take no for an answer and aren't intimidated by evasive defendants. Not only do we provide unsurpassed service, but we also serve at a fraction of the price offered by other firms.

Our Team
Our diverse team has grown to include servers of various ages, ethnicities and backgrounds to service any case based on the demographics being served. We offer a flat rate which includes unlimited attempts, mileage and notarization.
Customer Service
We use skilled and experienced process servers to ensure that your service is done the right way the first time.
Need something served right away? We can handle all of your emergency needs. Give us a call at 1-866-939-4442 today!

Our Commitment
At H&R Process Serving, we understand how vital the service of process is to you and your clients. We have servers of all types to fit your case. We offer a flat rate that includes unlimited attempts and more. We don't stop until you are satisfied!

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